thinking of learning c# and other dot net shit just for a shitty job in my area... doesnt sound enjoyable at all, but might be a good decision in the long run
@excelereight im hoping by the end of this week i dont have to find a job. I got some farm sitting offer and by the end of this week im suppose to figure out the details and if its for sure happening, it sounds like a nice break from reality, im just gonna be 100 miles from any one, with no power, internet or hot water and a stack of books.

I don't know if I could handle no internet for more than a month. Can't even get satellite?

@excelereight na its not really that sorta farm/situation. Its not a big deal for me, Ive done a few year long stints in squats with no power or internet and did a whole year on purpose same deal, even got rid of smart phone, had a flip phone, stack of books and that was my life. It was actually rather refreshing and nice year, learned a lot of stuff i would of never learned otherwise.
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