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After years of falling for the "low-end VPS" ruse, I finally got a couple (including this one) with a decent provider. Feels good to finally have an avail_entropy of above 200.

Might hurt my pocketbook, but it warms my heart.

What will happen when we run out of layers of irony?

I don't see fediverse blacklists in their current form being very effective in the long run. People who self-host make blacklists impractical, and self-hosting will only get easier/cheaper.

This will likely push censorious instances to switch to whitelists eventually, which will be more harmful to federation.

I think I look better without glasses, but I'm not sure if that's because I can't see.

Japanese learning curve:

1. Learn 46 hiragana
neat, a syllabic alphabet! that was fun!

2. Learn 48 katakana
oh, they have two? alright, not too bad.

3. Learn 6000 beginner kanji
well fuck

Social media accounts tied to real identites provide neat compartmentalization for future authoritarian governments. The 140 character limit of Twitter cuts out the fluff, too; perfect for easy keyword extraction to distinguish wrongthinkers from rightthinkers.

The advertising industry has overcome the major technical barriers to tomorrow's genocides.

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