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I'm not buying Shakespeare's "better to feel sad than nothing" quips about romance. I was definitely mentally healthier when I had my guard up and lacked hope.

Remember when everyone thought that in the future it wouldn't matter if someone posted dumb shit on Facebook as a kid because everyone else would be in the same boat?

Welcome to cancel culture, kids

I want to get out of my car but my shuffled phone music keeps churning out bangers

I should really stop sadposting, but it's sort of a natural consequence of being sad and posting

The neat thing about growing up with internet is that it's entirely possible to have nothing in common with anyone in your local community

Top reddit posts have been getting hilariously reductionist lately.

People ten years ago were absolute imbeciles. Sometimes I can't believe how myopic their views were. How did society function when it was run by an inbred majority?

I'm glad we have our new zeitgeist. We have solved yesterday's quandaries, and our modern opinions are beyond dispute. When will the backward stragglers accept that we've achieved perfection?

Self-improvement is a great strategy for improved self-esteem until you get to your personality.

I'm tired of using apathy as a defense mechanism, but every time I start to wean myself off I immediately regret it.

Then again, I'm not five minutes away from dying of old age. Maybe it all pays off then.

If denying yourself in the short term doesn't lead to long-term happiness, why bother? Without the right incentive structure, there's no reason not to make "bad" decisions.

Weed is great if you're in your twenties but still want to experience Alzheimer's

How am I celebrating July fourth?

Why, I'm laying in bed and doing nothing!

I'm glad the Fediverse exists. If it didn't, I'd have nowhere to read about Fediverse drama.

I want to meet people locally. I do not want to meet people locally badly enough to:

• attend a book club aimed at older women
• join an Agile fanclub
• go to an "entrepreneur" "networking" event

This has been an essay on living in a relatively small city.

Hmm, I could have sworn I put my *impenetrable wall of apathy that I use to cope with the fact I will almost certainly die having never experienced any trace of intimacy or companionship* down somewhere around here.

>check MLM on Glassdoor
>"100% Recommend to a friend"

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