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@robots years ago my dad stormed up to my room, woke me up, and angrily demanded to know what kind of porn I'd been watching. He had run into a cryptolocker with a scare screen. "This is the government, you have committed digital crimes, pay us money or we'll arrest you", yada yada.

He cooled down once I explained that the *real* FBI doesn't usually forgive crimes after you pay them $500 in bitcoin.

>check MLM on Glassdoor
>"100% Recommend to a friend"

why is everyone so hyped for smash on switch, it's going to be like smash on everything else but someone has to use a joycon

@quad Did you use their omnibus install? That's going to need more beef than setting up each component yourself.

GitLab requires way too much RAM for what it is, but I've yet to find a better self-hosted git frontend for professional orgs. Gitea is fine for personal code hosting, though.

Hmm, I don't think I'm going to get every golden strawberry in Celeste. Might as well start learning the speed run strats instead.

It's depressing seeing people vilify people who have political views at odds with theirs. Part of it is the increasing radicalization of social beliefs in general, for which social media bubbles are partially responsible.

It saddens me to see people strip others of their humanity and view them as an "other" that needs to be destroyed. I have to wonder if honest political discourse is even possible across ideological lines anymore.

@Pasty Agreed. Not sure how people can use a 3DS without 3D tbh, the 240p screen really needs the depth. @kiru not sure. My workplace uses it, though.

@kiru Matrix/Riot is closer to a Slack replacement. bspwm, haven't found anything that handles tiling boundaries in a more sensible way

then again you DO NOT go into a room alone with kevin spacey if you're a budding nation state, that's just stupid

absolutely disgusted that kevin spacey would try to molest russia, thank god that sicko was indicted

well I'm almost certainly going to fail my algorithm design exam tomorrow. but from reading the headlines, it seems to be a shittier day for a bunch of other folks.

It's been a month now and I'm still not sure if I liked DR V3's ending

@rye out of all the games, or just the first? 2 had a better cast tbh hmm, I migrated this instance a couple weeks ago and all the profile pictures were gone. Ran the task here:

but it eventually crashes saying there are too many open files. c'est la vie. did you run that one rails task to fix it? it always crashes on me.

Doki Doki Literature Club is a gateway visual novel. Pretty Undertale-like in that a lot of people who played it wouldn't normally play a game in the genre.

what self-hosted movie night software do y'all use? as in, I want to stream a file to multiple people simultaneously and synchronously.

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