If I could become gay I would in a heartbeat.

Imagine healthy relationships between men and women built upon mutual understanding

It's no wonder we idolize struggle: we've smeared Purell over everything mildly thrilling.

Why discuss or debate when we have a steady stream of new content? If we had weeks or months separating major news stories, we'd have nothing better to do than to think about them. The modern man reads a headline, gets mad, and moves on.

Not a bad idea. All it takes is a wildly unqualified person hiring.

Unearthed post from SS officers on reddit shortly before the Holocaust:

"Well, actually if you're familiar with the Paradox of Tolerance, genocide is *more* tolerant in the long run, because..."

But if you don't super-like one of the four super-models, they won't feel super-validated and super-stay on Tinder!

Really, you could have stopped at "fuck you, Tinder."

where do women herd
where do women roam
where do women packs meet
woman bait price
search bar not working

Me at 8: "Examine, if you will, the life of the degenerate alcoholic. He shirks personal responsibility for a brief, carefree reprieve. I shan't pursue his destructive lifestyle."

Me now: "I will die alone glug glug glug"

voluntary schizophrenia is so *in* right now

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