Weed is great if you're in your twenties but still want to experience Alzheimer's

How am I celebrating July fourth?

Why, I'm laying in bed and doing nothing!

Fair enough. GalliumOS' installation process is pretty straightforward, though.

Can't you just pop a Linux distro on it?

I don't know if I could handle no internet for more than a month. Can't even get satellite?

I'm glad the Fediverse exists. If it didn't, I'd have nowhere to read about Fediverse drama.

@Sir_Boops a 48% drop in revenue... The month after Christmas 🤔

I want to meet people locally. I do not want to meet people locally badly enough to:

• attend a book club aimed at older women
• join an Agile fanclub
• go to an "entrepreneur" "networking" event

This has been an essay on living in a relatively small city.

@piecritic it's not as convenient as it once was, sure. I'm just saying there's a solution, and I haven't found a better one. There are ~745,000 perfect FLACs on RED right now.

@piecritic File sharing lives on, but the community realized that private trackers are better for archival than public trackers. I'm hard-pressed to find a CD release that RED doesn't have a FLAC rip of, but perhaps my taste doesn't venture far enough from mainstream for that to be a problem.

If you want to support the artists, that's another issue, but any artists on Bandcamp are easy to support without a giant cut being taken.

@quad this is the only workflow I've found to be effective to convert/transfer music to an Android phone:

- Use flac2all to scan for changes to my main FLAC music directory, converting any new files to a lossy directory
- Use adb-sync to transfer the lossy directory to my phone

flac2all can copy all non-FLAC files to the lossy directory as they are.

> Y'all know what time it is
More like Flavor Flav

@robots Considering all the exploits I've seen have been for the desktop app, which most Signal users don't know about / use, I doubt it.

Hmm, I could have sworn I put my *impenetrable wall of apathy that I use to cope with the fact I will almost certainly die having never experienced any trace of intimacy or companionship* down somewhere around here.

@mike@nulled.red if you dressed up as Luigi on top and practiced the spin move this could work

@robots the VAs ruined it for me. I couldn't get past the first episode. I'd just read the manga if I were you.

@mike@nulled.red Christ is risen. April fool! We just taped his body to the tomb ceiling.

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