I don't see fediverse blacklists in their current form being very effective in the long run. People who self-host make blacklists impractical, and self-hosting will only get easier/cheaper.

This will likely push censorious instances to switch to whitelists eventually, which will be more harmful to federation.

@excelereight already saw some talk about in masadongs, there is stuff like and other hugboxes who implement that too.
@excelereight it doesn't matter because the kinds of people that demand blacklists are narcissists not even worth your time
@eris @excelereight and the blocklists are almost always for having the wrong opinions / ideas / views / whatever, and exist to isolate those from their cultish group and anybody they consider of their mind to keep them from seeing the OTHER SIDE as anything but the devils they're portrayed as. 

Imported Twitter faggotry through and through, there's not much that can be done, or much that is worth doing.

Most of these instances seem like they're on a one-way train to hard de-federating with GS instances anyway, so it won't matter. 
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