It is a terrible shame that not only has file sharing as a cultural movement largely died, but that it's still basically impossible to find FLACs for the things I want, and even if I do, the expected price is still the same as a CD and the same fucked up pittance goes to the actual artists.

Nothing got better.


@piecritic File sharing lives on, but the community realized that private trackers are better for archival than public trackers. I'm hard-pressed to find a CD release that RED doesn't have a FLAC rip of, but perhaps my taste doesn't venture far enough from mainstream for that to be a problem.

If you want to support the artists, that's another issue, but any artists on Bandcamp are easy to support without a giant cut being taken.

@excelereight the community had the shit kicked out of it and basically no longer exists. was destroyed, people migrated predominantly to - it's gone too now, and I know a lot of us have basically given up on this whole refugee game.

@piecritic it's not as convenient as it once was, sure. I'm just saying there's a solution, and I haven't found a better one. There are ~745,000 perfect FLACs on RED right now.

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